Want to increase your monthly recurring revenue and profit by selling websites, but don’t have the time to create any marketing ?

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This is what you’ll get:

1. The Ultimate Website Guide

This 5 part, 18 page in-depth guide talks about everything your client needs to know to create the perfect website for their business. 

It covers the right content management system to use, such as WordPress. As well as how to write brilliant content and how to choose the right design. 

You can offer this guide to your clients as a free download to qualify who would potentially be interested in having a new site, helping you to create a short-term list of potential clients.  

A great way to promote this guide would be via email or social media. 

2. Four promotional emails

Sending emails to your clients is the easiest and quickest way to promote your new website services. 

We’ve created 4 promotional emails, talking about different topics with suggested links back to your website. 

If your CRM or email sender allows, be sure to add trackable links so you know who has clicked on each email, allowing you to follow up via telephone. 

3. One minute animated promotional video

Videos are a the ultimate sales tool and a great way to help explain the benefits of your services to potential clients. 

That’s why we’ve created a 1 minute animated video to help you explain the benefits of having a new website designed with you, their trusted IT support partner.

 Embed this video on your website and encourage people to watch it via emails and social media. 

4. Pricing document

One of the first questions your clients may ask when talking about website design is: “How much?” 

When discussing prices with clients, it’s important to emphasise the value of what is included within each package first and the benefits that they’ll receive.

That’s why we’ve created a pricing document to help you. It emphasises the value of each package before giving you the price. It also explains the 100 day promise, which will give your client the reassurance they need to commit. 

5. Process flow document

Another question your clients may ask when discussing website design is: “How is my website going to be built and how long will it take?” 

Fear of the unknown can sometimes prevent a client from buying. That’s why it’s important to provide them with as much information as possible about the service at sales stage. 

We’ve created a process flow document which you can send to them. You can also use this document to agree timelines with the client too. 

6. Seven ways to build more trust on your website (another educational guide)

The easiest way to make lots of sales, is to contact people who are most likely to buy. And you can now prequalify people who may be interested in improving their website by offering this  15 page educational guide as free download. 

The guide discusses 7 different ways your client can improve their website to build more trust with potential clients and increase conversion rates.

7. Access to an online portfolio of website examples

Before your clients buy, they’ll want to see examples of websites that you have produced in the past. 

This might be difficult if you have not created websites for clients before, which is why we have created an online portfolio that your clients can view, via a custom URL.  

8. Letter for direct mail

Sending letters to clients can have a great impact and should be used alongside other marketing channels like emails and social media. 

That’s why we’ve created a letter you can send to your clients. The letter talks to the business owner about how their business relies on technology every day and how you’re trusted to look after this for them.

It then talks about websites and how you should be trusted to look after their most vital marketing tool too. 

Use a service like docmail.com to send letters to your clients quickly and affordably. 

9. Relationship building scripts

Speaking to your clients on the phone is by far the easiest way to convert people who are interested in website design into paying clients. 

But making calls like this isn’t for everyone and it can often be a struggle to know what to say. 

That’s why we’ve created a relationship building script to help steer you in the right direction. The script offers suggestions for opening questions (getting the conversation started is often the hardest bit) and ideas on how to close the call too. 

10. Marketing and sales strategy call

Now that you have all the marketing tools you need to start selling websites, let’s help you put a plan together on how you’re going to use them to sell as many websites as you would like. 

That’s why our director James will arrange a marketing and strategy call with you. 

He has years of experience helping business owners implement effective marketing campaigns and has sold thousands of websites before. 

After speaking to James, you’ll walk away with a short-term and long-term plan to generate more website sales and increase your monthly recurring profit. 

With these marketing tools and the right plan in place, you’ll be able to start selling websites TODAY

The easiest way to grow your MSP’s profits is to sell more to your existing clients. Websites are the answer and you can now outsource all of the hard work to us. 

But like any new service, you’ll need to invest time in creating new marketing resources and putting a plan in place to start generating new leads. 

This is how we can help. We have created a huge list of marketing resources you can now use to start promoting websites as a service to your client. 

Each marketing tool will be personalised for your MSP and we will work with you to create a short-term and long-term marketing and sales plan. 

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