Meet Steve Pailing

With a long background honing his skills in the design and print industry, creating everything from logos to brochures, Steve knows just how much work goes into building a business.

25 years might seem like a long time to be doing this stuff, but this is the kind of commitment and experience successful businesses are made with. He knows what makes a business work because he’s been running one for more than 12 years.

Steve has also been working with Paul Green on all of his brands since 2009, when you get something sent from Paul – Steve has designed it!

So, why is Steve giving himself more work to do with MSP White Label Websites? Because he can. His passion for building successful businesses keeps him moving forward. When other people are dreaming of a holiday, he’s dreaming up new ideas.

And if you’re thinking, “Actually, I’d like to have the time for a holiday”, then maybe Steve can help you find that time.

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Meet Paul Charnock

When most people choose to learn a new language, they pick French or Spanish. Not Paul. He chose HTML, and for him, it was the language of love. OK, maybe not love, but it was definitely his kind of language.

From there, it was web design courses and creating websites that filled his waking hours. You know someone’s found their passion when they’re doing something for a hobby which, to other people, sounds like work. Paul’s relationship with web design blossomed into a long-term career, helping businesses to grow.

Now, along with Steve, he’s set up MSP White Label Websites to provide first-class services and support to businesses like yours.

So why, after a successful career that spans 15 years, would Paul want to begin this new venture? Well, that’s the thing with techy people; they like to keep finding ways to do things better and smarter. Also, it’s a good excuse to drink more coffee.

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Meet Ian Jones

He is the technical guy

I started out in the creative industry at a very young age, my brother and myself was building commercial computers games for the C64 at 15 and had our own games company at 17 building commercial titles for many of the top games companies at that time.

The industry changed quite significantly after moving away from the home computer to consoles, so I decided on a different path and went on to work for many investment banks in the City, building and maintaining internal software for managing P&L and project management systems.

I worked as a lead developer delivering projects with our offshore teams. After leaving the city in 2012 I used my skills to embark on a similar journey back in the creative industry.

I’ve since worked with hundreds of different clients helping them to build and maintain their lead driven websites.

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The easiest way to increase monthly recurring revenue

The quickest way to increase monthly recurring revenue is by selling more to your existing clients. You can now add websites to your list of services and outsource all of the hard work to us.

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